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Earth Day 2014: Urban Roots - Ancient Wisdom at Alwun House

Dear Earthsters!!!

Earth Day 2014 Urban Roots Ancient Wisdom 

Greetings from the land of our northern ancestors, the land of the Lakota people, the paha sapa, known to us as “the heart of it all”

Thank you for joining us today to Celebrate Earth Day 2014 at the fabulous community gem - our Alwun House - for we are all one!

We are one - in a collective compulsion to show up and do something that benefits another human being.

We are one  - in our desire for clean water, air we can breath and land we can grow food on.


We are one - in our seeking and yearning for a way with less violence and whole lot more love!

We are one in our innate desire to reach out to other human beings and extend a hand of kindness, compassion, love and generosity.

As I spend this sacred time with my mom, in my home town of Rapid City South Dakota, i am reminded of the importance of being surrounded by the wisdom of our elders, the knowledge their years of experience has brought them and the generous information they can bestow upon us!

I am reminded of the importance of improving our ability for conscious contact with one another, with remaining present to our priorities and being willing to forgive those who have chosen different paths - I have found it is easy to jump to judge others much more rewarding though to let “others” be who they are and focus on how I can best serve.

Thank you for being here today - thank you for being of service to your community, your contributions today will benefit our social entrepreneurs who are driven every day to be of service in our community. A basket will be passed around a few times today and you will be invited to give a little extra this money goes to fund the work we - as grassroot organizations do in the community.

Thank you to our fantastic sponsors particularly Despins Printing and Graphics and Sechler CPA, all of our community partners including:

  • Artisan Food Guild,
  • Arizona Consortium for the Arts
  • AZ Culture
  • Conscious Community
  • Grow Organic Kids
  • Horses Help
  • Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Ctr
  • PeacePi Foundation
  • Urban Farm
  • Walter Studios

Programs like PACH - the Phoenix Allies for Community Health who are her offering free health screenings, GMO free Arizona, a group of dedicated individuals assuring you know what you are eating, and that food is healthy and nurturing as we expect it to be!

Thank you Orgena Rose and all of our incredible musicians, poets, artists and volunteers who give of themselves to create an nurturing environment for you to give of your resources.

Thanks to Lynn Rocha for the donation of the beautiful tree we planted in the Green Art Space here at Alwun House and to Jodi Powers for making sure the tree was delivered safely!

We live in a time that so many forces are trying to get our attention - I encourage you to take a moment and consider living a life prioritized and centered around some simple principles such as honesty, courage, faith, hope, perseverance,

This is your house for Alwun House is ALL One House for our One Community! May you come to know how abundant your life is, how bright of light you can be and how bright of light you are in this world of perplexing challenges. May you share your knowledge, through your actions and your words, every day for all to experience and for all to share.

May the seeds we have planted today blossom into nutritious morsels of light and love tomorrow! Thank you for all of your support.

 annie loyd, founder/ceo, the fusion foundation

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