Out of the Silence - Standing in Solidarity

Once more we are in a period of uncertainty, of danger, in which not only our own safety but that of all mankind is threatened. Once more we need the qualities that inspired the development of the democratic way of life. We need imagination and integrity, courage and a high heart. We need to fan the spark of conviction, which may again inspire the world as we did with our new idea of the dignity and worth of free men. But first we must learn to cast out fear. People who `view with alarm' never build anything.                                       Tomorrow Is Now (1963), xvii, Eleanor Roosevelt

#Not1More - End of Hunger StrikeHow fitting is this quote for the times we are currently walking through. The prevalent uncertainty is palatable. What is going on in the world? What is happening with the weather?

As we Stand In Solidarity with our community, including mourning the loss of a 21-year veteran Phoenix police officer yesterday, the struggles of the Syrian people, Ukrainian people, all of our service men and women and their families, the challenges being faced by women in North Dakota with the elevated incidents of trafficking and assault, the struggles mothers, fathers, and children are experiencing due to deportations, the challenges of ending fracking, maintaining clean water and the assault on Mother Earth. All of this can be overwhelming and lead us to question our own safety and that all of humankind is threatened.


Our goal for the weekly newsletter is to provide a bit of inspiration, empowerment and education. Our goal is to help our community members who are living in the fear of uncertainty, to empower those who have a desire to make a difference and are not sure where to place their focus, and to provide education in the form of a shift of perspective.

FUSION is the journey of discovering wisdom. In other words, wisdom is integrated knowledge and experience with a flavor of patience, perseverance and, on an occasion, some humility.

Last night, we witnessed the conclusion of the hunger strike  that began on February 17th Six participants who are mothers and fathers began a hunger strike having exhausted all other routes to see their children released from the detention centers , “In this case it comes from a mother’s will and community desperation, an expression of suffering and willingness to do anything to keep a family together.”  

When we experience a loss of feeling “in control in our own lives”, we tend to look outside of ourselves for solutions, for someone to blame. In the instances of our inability to have good medical care, or lack of a good job, the death of a loved one, the detention of a loved one, or the denial of human rights. We are faced with a difficult choice, a bumpy uncertain journey. People question - working for justice, working for the betterment of another individual, how that’s going to make a positive impact in other people's lives?

I have witnessed it time and time again. There’s a magic that happens when, in spite of all the fears that we have inside of us, we can momentarily set that aside and reach a hand out to another human being -- it can be as simple as opening the door for someone, saying please and thank you, allowing someone to merge ahead of us, give up that prime parking space or simply showing up - our mere presence bring forward the essence of our ancestors, the energy of our community, the act of showing up in whatever manner we are capable of - shifts us and creates a shift in our community.

Some of you are thinking, “It’s just not that simple, Annie.” I suggest - give it a try!

When we think of Eleanor’s quote, learning to cast out fear is not something that happens in our minds -- it has to happen through our actions. We can’t think our way into a new way of acting, we must act our way into a new way of thinking.

In solidarity.

annie loyd, founder- the fusion foundation