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Regarding AZ SB1062 and oppression

We are seeing a strong slide toward Corporatism in this country. A system, like the others you mentioned that relies upon institutional oppression to thrive. Lest anyone forget the following was said about corporatism by one who certainly the concept considering he invented the other authoritarian system he mentions:

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -Benito Mussolini.

Such systems require clearly identified internal and external enemies. As you mentioned, during the McCarthy era, the enemies were Communists. Then, as the Cold War faded away and Communists were no longer a threat, the internal enemies became

GLBT folk, as it was becoming unprofitable to also continue open racism. However, the institutional oppression of people of color evolved to include the justice, police, and prison system so that now, there are more men of color in U.S. prisons that were enslaved at the height of that institution in this country.

There is an assumption by the creators of consent that once a group becomes a target, the population will go along with with. In the case of GLBT folk, this hasn't happened, but it doesn't stop the now-blatant and open efforts to create an official targeted class of sexual orientation enemies.

We know that demographics, like Dr. King's, arc of justice, is curving away from the historically-benefitted oppressor classes, i.e., the wealthy, white, male, christian, straight folk. So, we are witnessing an end-game of sorts, an effort to load up the law books and social/cultural systems against the internal enemies, the GLBT folk, and against the identified external enemies, Moslems, all brown-skinned immigrants, particularly those from Spanish-speaking countries.

People of color, and women have always been targets of institutional oppression in our, "democratic," system, but as both groups have achieved social, economic, and cultural gains, the targeting of them through laws has greatly increased.

Part of the strategy employed by the corporatists has been the destruction of the middle class, the destruction of the economy, and thus the creation of economic fear to help encourage the great majority of citizens, i.e., the 99 Percent to set aside thoughts of equality for all, a fair wage for all, clean air, clean water, and edible food in exchange for a vastly-reduced number of jobs. This was revealed as the economy began to rebound from the criminally-engineered economic collapse and corporatist mouthpieces actually said things like, "unemployment has normalized at 10 percent and we should realize that is our starting place." It's interesting that the first corporatist president, Ronald Reagan, had his mouthpieces gleefully report after the first recession caused by the policies of the Reaganuts, "unemployment has normalized at 5 percent and we should realize that is our starting place."

Oops, some of us have been paying attention.

The Divide and Conquer strategy only works as long as everyone who doesn't benefit from corporatism, i.e., the 99 Percent of citizens is willing to turn on all the others for the manufactured crumbs of the corporatist economy.

We are all better than that, people, sisters, brothers, and others. We are almost out of time and space to make that message clear. Institutions can oppress only as long as the oppress consent to their oppression.

Luccia Rogers, guest post

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