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Johndennis Govert

johndennis govert

At any day, month and year, life already has assembled our experiences into a whole fabric attuning and preparing each of us for some particular action or path at hand. What at one moment seemed like a jumble of unrelated threads and themes, later intersects and overlaps to create the perfect mix of knowledge, connections and experience to accomplish life's next phase. So it seems to me, but only when I look back over my shoulder. More of life’s opportunities and turns make sense in hindsight, while our visions and intents make sense in foresight.


Spiritual practice is the core of all else for me. I have been very blessed to receive teachings and empowerments form many masters in various spiritual traditions. I have been a disciple of three especially gifted masters for over 36 years. With Matsuoka Zengaku Roshi, I practiced Zen and was introduced to the Zen arts. I was ordained a priest in the Soto Zen tradition in 1977 and received inka shomei or Master transmission from Matsuoka Roshi in 1986. From Goswami Kriyananda, I learned astrology, spiritual psychology, symbolism, Indian philosophy, and Kriya yoga and was ordained a Swami in 1983. With Boma Meitza Tulku, Master Quan, I practiced Vajrayana Buddhism and became a Lama in the Tibetan Nyingma tradition in 1998. From Master Quan I learned a system of spiritual healing and received the treasure teaching of the Spiral Dragon Dharma Gate with authority to teach.

 "Life leads the thoughtful person on a road of many windings." Kung Fu Tzu



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