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Deanna Jordan

Deanna Jordon
I believe in creating things, systems and processes. My career has spanned many consulting engagements both domestically as well as Internationally where I was the Client Liaison, speaking the clients language to the techs and translating from the techs speech to ideas and concepts that the client could understand.  

I was the little kid who brought home the injured duck to get fixed and when my mother asked me why her, I said that she fixed everything. It is thinking outsider the box to solve issues and problems, not recreating the same action and expecting different results. I like building out of ideas and thoughts and processes to create something tangible, a legacy, a product.  


I believe that we are always changing and in each iteration of change should come good. I have been on many Boards and have lived thru several iterations as they have tried to recreate themselves. I have been the calm in the storm many times.

I want to be the change and I have always though that the change starts from within, from within our spirits, our souls, our beliefs to tangible things, ideas, systems, processes. Changing hearts and souls take people who care, who want to give and who have a vision, or the ability to create relationships and create partnerships. My gift is people and technology, I understand technology and how to provide information to cover needs. I hold each personal interaction as a potential friend, someone who just doesn't know that yet.  

I love being apart of TeamFUSION with The FUSION Foundation, helping other non-profit projects grow because the necessary infrastructure is there to support them so they could work ON the project not IN the project. I love to being given the opportunity to use my gifts and strengths to help people, to make a difference, to know that I helped create physically the change that lies on the horizon, today. 

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