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annie loyd - Treasurer, Governing Council | founder | community manager

annie loydannie loyd, Social Architect | For more than 25 years annie has worked in the communities in which she has resided. Most importantly, she works with people matching needs with resources — annie is a "social architect," one who sees things that aren't quite right and tries to find solutions.

Through her experiences of working in public health, various faith communities, owning a construction company and social activism Annie has acquired a vast understanding of community, state, national and global challenges. Annie utilizes her experience of the "work on the ground" and problem-solving to create opportunities for community collaboration.

annie loyd, is founder / ceo of The FUSION Foundation a 501c3 community development organization focused on addressing the roots of violence and conflict through creating healing gatherings. annie serves as the Spiritual Director of the Peace Walkers Sangha, a fellowship of men and women working to cultivate a deep-felt sense of responsibility and to shoulder the task of relieving sentient beings of suffering and providing them with happiness. Guided by strong urban roots and ancient wisdom, annie works deep in the communities matching needs with resources and guiding urban and ancient ceremonies including bi-monthly community drum ceremonies. Best described as a Social Architect, one who sees things that aren’t quite right and works to uncover solutions, she strives to serve the community with the purpose to elevate the human condition.

Currently her work is focused on Women’sFUSION and the Red Shawl Grandmothers. WomensFUSION is committed to inspiring, empowering and educating women, children, and men through sharing traditional teachings and sacred ceremonies in order to support the health and well-being of Earth and all who live here. WomensFUSION uses a model of community building developed from traditional American Indian teachings and ancient indigenous wisdom that cultivates a deep connection to Earth, empowers women to reclaim their role as wise leaders and creates a framework for future generations to realize the importance of living in harmony with our natural world.

The Red Shawl Grandmothers are comprised of women who collectively have been praying and working for Native people for more than 108 years. We are women who have actively worked in urban and reservation communities for more than 30 years. Providing professional guidance, education, healing and support services addressing the effects of alcoholism, drug addiction, gang and domestic violence, historical trauma, and overall health and wellness. We have performed this work in both compensated and uncompensated roles. We continue to move the healing of our women forward as essential to the well being of our people and in particular our future generations and the health and well-being of our families.

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