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TeamFUSION - Individuals

The work of The FUSION Foundation takes at least a village! Our tribe of purpose driven, inspirational, empowered, educators are affectionately known as TeamFUSION! They are hard working individuals committed to being the change in the community. The are exemplars of change they wish to see in our world.

TeamFUSION is improving our world by living as a leading exemplars for co-creating Earth culture communities connected locally and across the globe.

On behalf of a grateful community thank you to all who support the work of The FUSION Foundation!

Sarah Charuk

Sarah CharukSarah Charuk describes herself as a very blessed woman who was raised in a family of love and compassion. Sarah believes because she was so loved she has been able to give that gift to others who have not felt unconditional love in their lives.

Sarah Charuk was a social worker for many years and incorporated the native culture in her work as a healing tool. Her mantra is “Teach only love for that is what we are “ She says she has been given the gift of being a wife and a mother to 3 sons. She currently has focused her energy on a program she has created called T.E.W.A (Together Everyone Will Awaken) after my beloved horse and teacher, where she combine the healing power of horses with spirituality on her ranch called Desert Awakening.

Dai Lili/Majiq


Dai Lili/Majiq is a progressive fusion dancer with a foundation of Ritualized Dance, American Street Dance, Martial Arts and Belly Dance.  She has been a part of the electronic music and dance revolution for over 20 years. In 2009 she began to dance with fire. Lady Majiq is the first female member of Funny Bones Crew, an elite group of street dancers/ Poppers, originally out of LA, now spanning the globe with a progressive Family of inspired paradigm busters! She has performed at venues ranging from children's birthday parties to weddings, spiritually focused ritual gatherings, city events and even on the Queen Mary. Belly Dance is her heart's song, any street corner is a potential circus stage! 



Founder of the Traveling Poet Project

Featured on MTV twice


Performed at the Billboard Awards

Performed at Madison Square Garden and America West Arena

Find out more at


Barry Brooks


barry brooks

After selling the 30 year company Barry Brooks owned with his wife Susan, Brooks has transformed his life and is "as happy as I've ever been." Brooks has always loved to dance, but it was fifteen years ago that he discovered dance as his true form of Self expression . . . releasing joy, wonderment, discovery, healing and prayer.  Brooks now shares that joy with others full time.


Barry has created Expressive Movement workshops and is a certified instructor in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold Toning. Zumba Gold is his passion, his Calling to brighten lives of older active adults with high energy dance exercise that is easier on the knees than basic Zumba, but still offers that full body workout. In addition to Zumba for baby boomers and those that have been previously inactive and wanting to begin their exercising regimen with fun uplifting music, he is also found weekly at independent, assisted living, care centers, and Alzheimer’s communities.  He modifies the music in each class by bringing in songs appropriate to them ranging from the Beatles to Frank Sinatra.  Barry’s intention is for everyone to leave his class smiling and saying to themselves, “Wow, I had so much fun, I forgot I was exercising.”  Barry brings his soul and inspiration to every class he is privileged to serve.

Orgena Rose


orgena rose

Orgena Rose is a powerful and inspirational singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and vocal coach.An accomplished professional with a 4 octave range, Orgena has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and toured internationally. 

Highlights include appearing on OPRAH, the Tony Awards, the Today Show,  PBS and  Conan in Tyler Perry’s Row 11. Orgena Rose has appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured. She has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Leah Michelle of GLEE, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bunny Sigler and Steve McCarty of the Steve Miller Band.
Through Sacred Rose Orgena gives workshops and programs in her mission to heal, empower and transform through the arts. Read More


Charlene O'Rourke

Charlene O'Rourke

Charlene O'Rourke, Taoyewakanwi-HerWaysAreSacred Oglala Lakota. Follows Spiritual and cultural beliefs and is a ceremonialist.

Currently working as Native Consultant for Native Connections Inc. Conducts Women's Sweatlodges and women's and children's ceremonies as a Leader for 28 years.

Ceremonial musician and singer for different types of events and ceremonies over a span of 40 years. As Professional Composer and Performer, Brava theater SF, under writer / producer Cherrie Moraga, Michigan Music Festival, and for NASA project Indigenous Lakota Constellation.

Motivational Speaker and Low ropes course trainer, International Certified Addictions Counselor and Community Specialist and Consultant serving Native communities including federal and state prisons.

Marilyn Zwak

Marilyn Zwak

Marilyn Zwak discovered the power of adobe in 1979. Since then, she has worked with tons of adobe, demonstrating the power one person has in working with inspiration. "My success with adobe has a lot to do with listening to the Earth and discovering its properties," she says.Our Shared Environment

Marilyn, a public artist, offers her art in public and private venues. Marilyn is part of the history of Arizona's Public Art. She created and built a 150-foot long adobe serpentine wall embedded with historic ranching and mining tools for the Winkelman Hewes Avenue project.

If you commute in Phoenix, perhaps you’ve seen the artist's work "Our Shared Environment" at the SR-51 and Thomas Road Interchange. She designed the lizard bridge piers and three-sided abutments at Thomas Road. She also utilized designs from prehistoric Hohokam artifacts discovered while excavating the SR-51 for the 26 adobe and rock murals with concrete relief forms. Marilyn, now 64, returned to Phoenix this summer to renovate the 23-year-old work.

At South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, she designed and fabricated the gateway signage, the campus directory and five sculptural adobe seating areas. Enrollment doubled the year after the renovation.

Part of the Rio Salado Public Art Works Project in Tempe, Arizona, the concrete “Tree of Life” sculptures are formed from adobe with goddesses inlaid within the recesses. Names of residents are etched in the colored leaves as part of the “Adopt a Tree” program.

Click on photo to right for additional images of "Our Shared Environment."



Jean M. Tennyson

Jean Tennyson is President and CEO of Navigating Our Future (NOF). NOF is a trans-partisan social sector organization that provides the processes and framework to enable Americans working within their communities and nationwide to effectively resolve the complex social issues that affect their lives. To achieve this goal NOF brings diverse individuals together in an innovative process of education, dialogue, deliberation, and consensus building. This democratic process lays the foundation for effective collaboration and produces solution strategies leading to action supported by the majority.


Holly Parsons

holly parsons

A wise person once said, “What you do is not who you are.” They were talking about Holly Parsons. From diverse roots spring poetry, remarkable poetry. Powerful, insightful, wise, piercing metaphor infuses her work. Her expose`s cut to the core of issues with authentic clarity. This work expresses not only personal sensibilities, but is directed more fundamentally to inspire creation of paradigm shifting possibilities for her global family.  Read more

Linda Rettinger



Linda Rettinger LMT

Linda Rettinger

Linda Rettinger LMT, is a highly respected Intuitive, passer of information, healer, massage therapist, message dreamer, and is dedicated in supporting the community through her company “Meaningful Things”.  


She often offers workshops highlighting Indigenous Elders, Healers, and Wisdom Keepers from around the world, allowing the information and messages they pass, to be more readily available to those who would like to hear it.   


Through Linda's Website, she supports her community by posting spiritual events in Arizona and surrounding areas as a free service.  Linda would like for this information to be readily available to the spiritual public so that individuals will feel connected to their community, which Linda feels is important to each persons spiritual growth. Read more.


Melanie Dunlap, RMT/LMT

Melanie Dunlap

Melanie Dunlap’s passion resides in helping women discover herbs, energy & ceremony as part of their journey of self-discovery and healing. Known to many as the Earth Mother Herbalist, Melanie combines her unique blend of intuition and knowledge to create an empowering experience unlike any other. Melanie founded the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center located in New River, Arizona where she offers health and healing disciplines incorporating Herbalism, Reiki, Massage Therapy and Labyrinth experiences. She is also the founding mother of the annual AZ Goddess Conference. Working individually or in groups, Melanie helps women reach new heights of self-awareness and personal insight.


Michèle Ceballos Michot


breath - opendanceMichèle Ceballos Michot – Founding Director of Opendance, is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, artistic director, educator, visual and performance artist. Her dance performance history includes numerous international ballet companies and dance productions. Ceballos danced professionally in Colombia, England, Germany, Russia, and throughout South America and the United States. Born in New York, Ceballos began studying ballet at the age of six in Bogotá, Colombia under the exiled dancer Vladimir Volski of the Bolshoi Ballet. A recipient of several scholarships, Ceballos continued her studies in New York City at Thalia Mara’s National Academy of Ballet and Theatre Arts, the School of American Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre School the Joffrey Ballet School, and with Gabriella Taub Darvash, David Howard, Finis Jung, Yurgen Snieder and Alexander Mintz.


Pinna Joseph

pinna joseph

Pinna Joseph is a chantress and sound artist.  She received the Yoga of the Voice certification from Vox Mundi School of the Voice with international singer, teacher and music therapist Silvia Nakkach of The Vox Mundi Project.  Pinna also studied voice with valley jazz coach and pianist Charles Lewis, with singer Susan Osborn who teaches full expression of the voice and performed with the Paul Winter Consort, and with valley voice teacher Catherine Dockendorff.


Pinna traveled to Brazil and Hawaii to learn chants of those cultures while studying Tibetan, Hindu and Sanskrit chanting. She has sung as the cantorial singer with Spirit of the Desert, a Jewish Renewal Community here in the Phoenix area, for the last 25 years.


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