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Owner / Curator: Holly Anderson

Holly Anderson is a self-trained, contemporary abstract painter who currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. While Holly has been creating art in various forms throughout her life it was not until March of 2011 after recovering from several surgeries due to her debilitating muscular skeletal disease, that she started creating art on a full-time basis. Her work is exhibited via solo exhibition monthly, In several established on-line galleries and featured in private and public collections worldwide.

Holly is known as real, natural artist. She has an intuitive mind and eye when it comes to materials, color and form that borders on the spiritual. In each of her pieces you will find composition, abstraction, organic movement, emotion, fluency, texture and light. Most of her paintings and ideas are inspired by yoga, Internal Arts, human emotion, water, and theories of astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist & author, Carl Sagan.

In just under a year, over 200 original paintings had been created and sold by the artist herself. Pursuing her passion for knowledge & healing Holly started teaching art therapy workshops and collaborating with other creative professionals. Next she spearheaded a community mural project, assumed the role as Artistic Director for AZ Culture & became a featured Artisan on Houzz. Via Houzz, Holly took on multiple projects over the next year with designers creating large scale custom paintings for collectors and series of artwork for commercial firms.

Not sure what to do or how to grow next Holly took a short break from creating. While searching for new inspiration and ways to manifest her current visions she was contacted by up and coming underground artist
Abel (Pato) Aguilar of Aguilar & Company. Pato specializes in the creation of alternative and extraordinarily original artwork. Both wanting to collaborate, they formed a partnership and created a series of artwork expressing self-reflection, the spiritual journey to enlightenment, and the human condition. The series will be released in 2014 and will be in galleries thought Arizona, California and Italy.

When Holly is not painting she spends her free time volunteering for the Arizona Humane Society, Artlink, Assisting owner/curator Laura Dragon of {9} with artist & gallery promotion, teaches art therapy workshops, guest writer & assistant to the Event Director at AZ Culture.

I am an artist with an amazing story. I paint, I teach, I inspire. I am a survivor of many things and have shattered the paradigm of false limits when it comes to healing the western way. I have been a sufferer of chronic widespread pain and arthritis from a very young age and through my "art therapy" program, teach my students how to combat the debilitating effects of physical and mental pain/disorders with creating movement via energy arts ( qigong ) and fluid abstract artwork. I am on a mission to change lives through the healing power of art! Everything about my work stands behind something powerful and meaningful when it comes to healing and letting go of all old beliefs / behaviors please believe me, let go and let art start healing what you currently suffer from.

People always ask me "what is this"? at my art shows. I have to laugh of course and explain that each piece is truly an escape as i love to experiment with texture, color and really get my hands dirty!. I paint with non-traditional objects and my bare hands. I never know what the finished product is going to look like, i don’t have any expectations. As an artist, I feel the need to keep exploring, searching, and learning new techniques. You will notice my work takes on many different styles (or moods). Ambiguity is important to me, a lot of my work features multiple meanings, colors and/or symbolism that promotes healing or inspiration. There IS a story behind each piece, so don't hesitate to ask !

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