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Core Introduction to Kingian Nonviiolence Training


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.The FUSION Foundation is proudly partnering with the Culture of Peace Alliance and other community entities to provide this essential community training.

Description of Training: This interactive and inspirational training presents introductory information about nonviolence as a courageous way of life and a powerful strategy for social change. Special emphasis is given to the six principles and six steps of nonviolence according to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and their use during various civil rights campaigns.

Training Team: All trainers have been certified by civil rights pioneer Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., who worked closely with Dr. King for eleven years. Each two-day session is co-facilitated by two to four trainers with diverse backgrounds.

Background: Dr. LaFayette was a National Program Administrator for Dr. King, helped start the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and directed the Poor People’s Campaign. Dr. LaFayette teamed up with adult education expert David C. Jehnsen to create this Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence. The training consists of modules that break down social norms; introduce the principles, steps and strategies of nonviolence; discuss four historical movements and use extensive group work to put these strategies into practice.

Cesar ChavezWho Should Attend: Each training can accommodate up to 30 participants. Youth (teens) and adults who want to learn about Kingian Nonviolence are encouraged to attend. The training emphasizes the effectiveness of youth during the civil rights movements. Likewise, multi-generational participation in the training is very beneficial. Be part of a growing network of people who use nonviolent strategies to bring about personal and social change. Sign Up Today for the next training in your area!

Click on Core Introduction to Kingian Nonviiolence Training for more information and to register today!



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