Google+ New Moon Drum March 1 cancelled due to heavy rain - a time for reflection and personal time!
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New Moon Drum March 1 cancelled due to heavy rain - a time for reflection and personal time!

Dear Friends

Happy New Moon! We feel compelled to make a change in plans for gathering tonight with the heavy rains moving through! We hope you will read through this reflection and will take this opportunity to create a ceremony for yourself tonight.

i returned late last night from a two week trip to South Dakota to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday! I had the opportunity to read turning to one another, simple conversations to restore hope to the future by Margaret Wheatley. The book is full of poignant questions: What do i believe about others? Am i willing to reclaim time to think? When do I experience sacred? All of the questions providing the platform for the depth of release we explored in February and opening the window for the choices we will make in March!


As i waited in the airport yesterday with the snow whipping around and listening to the rain fall today, i was reminded of our powerlessness, we have been given a beautiful gift by Mother Earth. A gift that goes beyond the life giving fresh water to drink and grow our food, a gift of time -  a gift of interruption from the busy fast pace of our mostly uninterrupted lives in the desert to pause and reflect. 

I love being in South Dakota, I become exuberantly excited when snow falls from the sky covering the ground with a fresh new perspective, when wind blows snow around and everything looks different and life slows, i am reminded of my powerlessness over nature - the feeling is sacred.

I love South Dakota for so many reasons . . . mostly because i have the feeling that i belong. In the midst of the wide open fields, the dense tall forest of pine trees, the ever present dance with deer, mountain goats and eagles - i feel at home, it is a wholesomeness that words cannot describe. I love the weather in South Dakota because it can stop you in your tracks my theory is this affects the human psyche in a powerful way like no other force - it truly is the force of nature. It maintains a healthy balance for human beings lives. In the Arizona desert, that experience is rare and our unbalance reflects that. The experience of the force of nature is more subtle in the desert - less frequent - particularly since the invention of air conditioning and running water! And human beings can run amuck for longer periods of time. SB1062 provided both sides of that story!

So today - what a perfect opportunity, on the new moon, the beginning of Chinese Wood Dragon year - we will pause - we will take this time to reflect. to ponder some questions, to review our intentions.

Sacred is a feeling. It is an experience that language is inadequate to explain or describe. as Margaret Wheatley explains, it’s important to notice that the ritual isn’t sacred, it just opens the door to the experience - It isn’t only the place that is sacred, we are. - sacred is an everyday experience - it’s just life, revealing its true nature - wholeness.”

We will recognized the gift from Mother Earth and the drum circle will not be gathered in a formal circle tonight - instead we invite you to spend some time with you in reflection.

The Theme for March 2014 is COMMITMENT.

This is a month of putting yourself 100% behind your choices and decisions. It is about setting new rules, weeding out what doesn’t work, being disciplined about what it takes to manifest your intentions, and doing your work. It is about taking all of the grand dreams and goals and grounding them into a practical “to do” list that you follow even when you don’t feel like it.

Being several thousand miles away while the civil rights debate transpired in Arizona over the ghastly SB1062, i had the opportunity to participate from afar, i was graced with time for thinking, contemplating and reflecting. SB1062 was an historical turning point for Arizona, the United States and the World. The peoples’ win for human rights and the defeat of SB1062 demonstrates what happens when good people collectively rise and take a strong stand - TOGETHER! It was a specific example of when we release our old fears and make a commitment to stand for what is right and true - the universe really is on the side of justice!

We look forward to seeing you on the FULL Moon on March 16th at 7:30 p.m. at Horses Help.

Thank you for all you do in your unique way to elevate the human condition and work to relieve suffering through making love real in your daily walk and expressions of happiness!

Standing In Solidarity - Bringing the Sacred Back to Humanity

annie loyd, the FUSION Foundation

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