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Newest mural in downtown Glendale connects businesses and artists


Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2011 3:00 am | Updated: 8:43 am, Wed Dec 7, 2011.

One building in downtown Glendale is getting a head-turning look, thanks to a new mural which will grace the outer south wall of a longtime downtown restaurant. The mural project is part of Artwerks, a city program that is pairing business owners with local artists to enhance Glendale's redevelopment and revitalization of the Centerline District along the Glendale Avenue corridor.

Local artist Martin Moreno and students at Las Artes de Maricopa painted the mural, "El Corrido de Glendale, Arizona," which was created on tiles and will be secured in a steel frame on the south wall of Bitzee Mama's Restaurant, 7023 N. 58th Ave. When translated, "El Corrido de Glendale, Arizona" means to tell a story of Glendale to music.

At the inception of the project, Moreno met with business owners and citizens to discuss history, concepts and ideas for the piece of public art. From there Moreno was free to develop his vision of the piece, which is funded by donations. The mural on Bitzee Mama's wall will be a visible addition to the city's renovated walkway east of 58th Avenue that's home to First Saturdays, a monthly gathering of artists at work.

"El Corrido de Glendale, Arizona," presents a 100-year sweep of Glendale history in a work of art laden with symbolism. The 6' x 16' piece includes a mariachi figure in front of a landscape featuring area agriculture, Native American pottery, the iconic Sugar Beet Factory, Glendale High School and the University of Phoenix Stadium, along with some other historical significance such as the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and Sahuaro Ranch Park.

Moreno's mural is currently being installed. The Artwerks program is committed to fostering the creation of a new piece of publically displayed art once a year in the Centerline District, which is located along Glendale Avenue from 43rd to 67th avenues, between Ocotillo Road and Myrtle Avenue.

Artwerks' first mural is a 6'x16' panorama hanging in Velma Teague Library in downtown Glendale. The work was painted by acclaimed local artist Lucretia Torva during the Artwerks-sponsored First Saturday events. First Saturdays are monthly gatherings held October through May that turn walkways in Glendale's historic downtown into an open air artists' studio. The event includes live music performances along with the creative works of painters, leatherworkers, photographers and other artists.

For more details on Artwerks initiatives, its artists, or to become involved, visit the Art District page at




New Mural Installation Friday January 6th at 4:30: Connects Businesses with Artists in Centerline District



One building in downtown Glendale is getting a head-turning look thanks to a new mural that will grace the outer south wall Bitzee-Mama's, a longtime downtown Glendale restaurant. The mural project is part of Artwerks, a city program that is pairing business owners with local artists to enhance Glendale’s redevelopment and revitalization of the Centerline District along the Glendale Avenue corridor. For more information regarding the mural click here.


El Corridor de Glendale


“El Corrido de Glendale Arizona”

“El Corrido de Glendale Arizona”


The mural design presented is not the work of one individual; rather it is a compilation of thoughts and ideas from Glendale citizens who believe in the power of art.


It is with sincere appreciation to all involved that I present the following mural design described from left to right.


  • The mariachi figure serenades the community about its history and agriculture.
  • Agriculture was the initial foundation of the Glendale Community.
  • Crops are fed by the canals that provide the source of life, Water.
  • The pots at the foot of the tree are based on designs by the Hohokam peoples, who established the original irrigation system in the valley.
  • The structures on the horizon represent a timeline, beginning with the Beet Sugar Factory Mill which still stands today.
  • This is followed by Glendale High School.
  • The central elephant tree (eucalyptus) dedicated 2004. The tree resembles a hand firmly holding its roots to the community. 
  • The central shield represents the Native American symbol of the Sacred Directions with the beat at the center.
  • The beat resembles the Sacred Heart of the community.
  • The figures to the right of the tree represent a multi-cultural portrait of individuals that have contributed to the city’s development. Only one figure represents an actual individual; Jack Swilling, credited with the excavation and utilization of ancient canals.
  • The Thunderbirds flying above the fields are symbolic of Luke Air Force Base.
  • The jet turns into Butterflies and represent Metamorphosis.
  • The University of Phoenix Stadium shows the most current source of pride.
  • The roses at the bottom right of the design have double meaning with the first symbolizing the Saguaro Ranch. The roses also have a special meaning to the designing artist.
  • The Bleeding Rose is used symbolically in many murals and paintings by Moreno. “Life is beautiful, yet sometimes painful”.

Martin Y Moreno, Visual Artist

Artwerks Community Mural Workshop with Martin Moreno

Workshop conducted by visual artist and community leader Martin Moreno on July

View Las Artes de Maricopa, 4380 N 51st Ave in a larger map

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