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Gals with ~ Grit, Guts and Glimmering Grace.Buffalo Gals Founders Council
Buffalo Gals draw on the pioneering spirit of the Gals whose shoulders we stand upon to move opportunities for a better way forward!
Buffalo Gals has a vision, persistence and tenacity.
Buffalo Gals are committed to taking care of one another, standing up for one another, supporting our dreams hopes and goals!
Buffalo Gals are your mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, wives, daughters and your friends. Buffalo Gals began as a group of gritty gals gathering after a few too many pots of coffee - and not nearly enough herbal tea, scotch or wine. Buffalo Gals had a vision to make the world a better place, and started a stampede.

Buffalo Gals thundering herd of Gals pushes one another onward, tirelessly pressing forward together to make a sustained difference. 

Buffalo Gals touch the lives of men, women, elders and future generations. Buffalo Gals are inspiring hope and cultivating a pipeline for success.

Together Buffalo Gals will make this world the place we dream for our daughters and sons. A place where they can dream their dreams, envision solutions and be proud of the legacy we have left.

Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals

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Jane Seybold greeting guestsWe host several events and have a presence at various philanthropic events through the year and rely heavily on our volunteers to help with activities prior to and following the event. If you'd like to meet more people and become inspired, educated and empowered, we create an environment for you to find your purpose and take action toward fulfilling your dreams of a better world.

To become involved in The Fusion Foundation, or to learn more about what we do in the community, please feel free to email us.