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The FUSION Foundation Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Incubating Community Enterprise

Part of the philosophy of the The FUSION Foundation (TFF) is that the most effective and innovative projects are often initiated at the grassroots community level. Many of these projects are too small or too new to have yet secured IRS recognition of their charitable status.

Seasonal or one time projects may also be ideal candidates for fiscal sponsorship, because the project has the flexibility to focus on applying their ideal skills toward achieving its program objectives rather than the seemingly overwhelming administrative challenges and costs inherent in creating a new corporation and seeking IRS recognition of charitable status.

The The FUSION Foundation, for a nominal fee, provides qualified emerging and transitioning nonprofits with fiscal sponsorship, which includes operating under TFF’s 501(c)(3) umbrella, an existing back-office infrastructure, and the support of nonprofit management expertise.


Why choose fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship provides charitable groups with the legal framework to operate without having to form its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The FUSION Foundation, an Arizona registered corporation and IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity accepts qualified charitable groups into its corporate and legal structure and by doing so accepts legal and fiduciary responsibility for projects’ finances and activities. By providing structure and services, we enable projects to initiate their good works and community service immediately.

Projects, once accepted, become part of the TFF tribe. Projects stretch charitable dollars by sharing administrative costs for professional accounting, liability insurance, coaching and technical assistance.

This arrangement allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to focus on the mission of their community service ventures. Fiscal sponsorship also assures those who have invested in projects that their dollars are being well-managed and accounted for.


Services & Fees

Once accepted, a project becomes part of the The FUSION Foundation, in  a nurturing, supportive environment developed to help project leaders, community visionaries and ordinary individuals with terrific ideas achieve their  goals, some of the additional services can be:




  • Benefit of TFF’s tax-exempt designation by the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Tax filings with the IRS as part of TFF’s return.

Financial and Administrative Support

  • Record keeping and reporting of project finances, including cash receipts and disbursements.

  • Monthly balance sheet, income statement and general ledger report.

  • Regular deposits and 48 hour turn-around on check requests.

  • Administration of property, liability and other insurance as needed.

  • Acknowledgement to donors of tax deductible donations.

Capacity Building

  • Coaching and leadership development for the project coordinator and steering committee.

  • Regular e-mail, phone and in-person contact.

  • Assistance on nonprofit management topics.


The The FUSION Foundation keeps administrative charge between 5% and 12% of project revenues by sharing costs across all projects. This fee is assessed as project revenues are received by TFF. 

Why do we charge a fee? The fee covers the cost of services provided to projects. Services include accounting, inclusion in audit/tax returns, coaching and technical assistance. 


Project Criteria

The FUSION Foundation only provides fiscal sponsorship to charitable projects that will improve the quality of life. Projects must meet the same eligibility criteria for being a nonprofit organization. The project’s activities must be charitable in nature, there must be a public purpose, and any profits must be used to further the mission of the project.

If your charitable project wants to apply for fiscal sponsorship, please contact annie loyd, community manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 623-688-1278.


How to Apply

There are many well-intentioned ideas for nonprofit ventures. The The FUSION Foundation looks to support those ideas that are in alignment with the mission, vision and principles of the FUSION Foundation and will make an impact on elevating the human condition. 

If your idea, vision and or project or organization seems to align with the FUSION Foundation we encourage you to complete this brief application.


Current Projects

Projects of the The FUSION Foundation address a wide variety of unique challenges and opportunities. Some are just starting to live their dreams and visions. Others have been serving our community for several decades. All are serving in our community to make the world a better place to live and elevate the human condition



Applications are reviewed by TFF’s selection committee. The process usually take 2 - 4 weeks.

If you have questions while completing the application, please contact annie loyd, community manager, at 623-688-1278 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download application.

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